Moderated by Brita McVeigh.

David Michôd and Luke Davies have been in Los Angeles, living and working in close proximity a lot of the time for nigh on 10 years.

They talk to Brita McVeigh about their quite different respective experiences of this Hollywood chapter of their lives, their observation of each other’s individual working processes, and their feedback loops on each other’s projects.

They are now working together as co-showrunners of the TV adaptation of CATCH 22, in development. They explore how the collaboration is taking shape: how they have been writing together, how they attempt to create flow, how they try to be efficient, and how they are dividing the labour.

This session took place on Sunday 1st October, 2:40pm at the Big Screen Symposium 2017 in Auckland, NZ.

The Big Screen Symposium is New Zealand's annual premiere film event, proudly brought to you by Script to Screen and J&A Productions.

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