From Takaro Tribes talking dolls to Kiri & Lou fan-made birthday cakes; from Hunt for the Wilderpeoples Instagram stickers to Officer O’Leary and Officer Minogue delivering Covid safety messages, fan service can take many forms. A dive into fans, fandom, merchandise, cosplay, fan-cons, and the delightful power of letting your audience chart your course—all the way to a sequel, a franchise, a spin-off and beyond.

In this session, Tamar Münch asks the Writer, Actor, Producer of Paranormal Activity Paul Yates, and Sacha Judd Director of Hoku Group and Super-fan how they Embrace the Meme. This korero covers the importance of Engaging with Fans.

This Podcast is part of The A-Z of Screen Publicity workshop sessions.  The two-day workshop was run by Script to Screen in partnership with the Aotearoa Screen Publicists Collective (ASPC) and was held on 7 & 8 May 2021 in Auckland.

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