Moderated by Brita McVeigh.

“I’m fascinated by tightly-knit communities and how they operate – how characters battle for individuality or for their place within the society.”

Esteemed Australian director Tony Krawitz has directed across drama, documentary and television. His dramatic features JEWBOY and DEAD EUROPE were based in the Jewish and Greek communities respectively. THE TALL MAN was set on an island off the Queensland coast in one of the largest Indigenous communities in Australia that had been ripped apart by a murder.

For each of these films, Tony embedded himself within a community as an essential part of reaching a deep and nuanced understanding of and connection to his material. In this session, Tony discusses his immersive process and how it differs – and how it is the same – across adaptation, original story, and documentary.

Presented by Greenstone.

Tony's session took place on Sun 25th September, 2:15pm at the Big Screen Symposium 2016 in Auckland, NZ.

The Big Screen Symposium is New Zealand's annual premiere film event, proudly brought to you by Script to Screen and J&A Productions.

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