Now that you know everything, where do you start? In this session Coffee and Publicity we hear from speakers Adria Buckton from Trigger Marketing Publicity, and Leanda Borrett Marketing and Publicity Manager at TVNZ in a korero about NZ On Air’s Music Publicist Mentoring scheme, aka “the coffee cup fund”, which was set up in the midst of Covid to help self-managed artists plan their publicity strategies. How can it be adapted to suit screen creatives? The first ten questions a publicist will ask you, and how to come in prepared for success.

This Podcast is part of The A-Z of Screen Publicity workshop sessions.  The two-day workshop was run by Script to Screen in partnership with the Aotearoa Screen Publicists Collective (ASPC) and was held on 7 & 8 May 2021 in Auckland.

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